Workforce Screening

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Workforce Screening

Do you have a large project that is overwhelming your team?

Are you in need of a specialist for a short time? The solution to these issues is often to hire a contract employee or consultant. You may also want to take on volunteers or interns in order to more effectively manage tasks and events.

However, these employees and others are often not held to the same verification and screening process as full-time employees. This can allow for a number of individuals who would not pass your hiring process to slip into your business. These individuals often have the same access as your staff does, including access to sensitive information. Why wouldn’t you screen them?

The Benefits of Workforce Screening

Working with USAFact to screen these individuals provides a number of benefits:

  • Reduce the risk to your employees
  • Protect your information and facilities
  • Create a consistent method of bringing in new hires and volunteers
  • Consolidate the on-boarding process of all individuals regardless of status
  • Simplify your overall on-boarding process

The Workplace Is Changing

Temporary employees were once only brought in sparingly when necessary, but today, that’s no longer true. Many companies make use of freelancers, temps, interns, and others for projects on a regular basis. In fact, some managers and supervisors are even hired as temporary employees. With these hires in your workplace regularly, a screening process becomes necessary in order to protect yourself.

Vendor Screening

In addition to temporary employees, you may also want to encourage your vendors to implement screenings to make certain they will meet your standards. This again helps reduce the risk to your employees and your business by ensuring you know who has access to your facility at any given time. We will work with you, your vendors, and any staffing agencies you work with to make certain all parties involved understand what background screening qualifications must be met.

Need More Information?

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