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Insurance Industry Services

Working in the insurance industry often requires employees to handle clients’ sensitive information. This includes their social security numbers, addresses, birthdates, and vehicle information.

In short, any of this information could be used to steal someone’s identity. This industry also often has to be on the lookout for insurance fraud. This means you must be careful not to hire those who have a criminal past, especially those who have committed insurance fraud before, or those who have a history that shows they cannot be trusted with private information.

Turn to the Best

USAFact can help you with your background screenings by providing detailed, accurate, and quick histories of any candidate. We use only our trained, experienced in-house team to gather criminal, financial, and other histories of each candidate you provide. We never outsource anything, which means none of your sensitive information ever ends up in the hands of a third party. Everything is done as securely as possible to avoid any potentially embarrassing situations.

Our team searched databases that range from the local to the international, so you can rest assured that we will gather all of the pertinent information about any candidate. We can search for criminal records, poor credit history, and poor driving records in addition to verifying information. We can even perform these searches globally for candidates who were born or have lived and worked in other countries.

What We Offer

Before hiring someone, it’s important to do a detailed background check to determine if there’s anything suspicious that may make you want to reconsider extending an offer. In the insurance industry, you want to do more than just a quick glance at someone’s criminal and financial background. If you’re looking for a partner to help you in this task, you’ve come to the right place.

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