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Background checks are becoming more common in our digitized economy. Everything from employment to housing applications can use this method to verify someone’s identity, employment history, criminal history, education, financial standing, and other relevant details.

And while these checks can ensure that you are dealing with the person an individual claims to be and they meet the basic criteria for your purposes, background screenings can become complex quickly. And with many relevant laws coming into play, it’s essential to understand some basics about background checks before moving forward with any activities.

Check out our SmartHire Comprehensive Solution

SmartHire now offers you, the consumer, a chance to see what a hiring manager sees when they pull your pre-employment background screening report. Backed with over 40 years of experience and PBSA certified; SmartHire will create a personal report that you can look over and scan for any discrepancies. This helps you know what to expect when applying for your new career goal.

Why Choose USA Fact?

Every hire, contractor, or review of an employee is important. USA Fact is committed to help you screen your candidates thoroughly. With our broad range of products and expertise, we can help your business hire right the first time.

Smart Hire

Smart Hire

SmartHire is brought to you by a Background Screening company that has been around for over 40 years. So you know the quality of your report will be exact and complete.

Executive Fact

Executive Fact

Our mission is to provide relevant, accurate, and timely information to our clients so they can make informed decisions. We enjoy helping our clients get the answers they deserve. Every case we take on is unique, often like solving a puzzle, and this gives us the motivation to get the facts necessary for a successful outcome



The LendFact™ screening platform harnesses 37 years of USAFact’s proven pre-employment background screening and verification service experience and expands our reach for the specific format of loan origination screening that lending institutions need for due diligence in loan origination.

Gauging Your Success

For nearly 40 years, USAFact has been at the forefront of the background screening industry. In fact, when we first started, there was no background screening industry; we helped create it by providing the services and solutions our clients were asking for. You don’t stay in the background screening industry for 40 years without knowing a thing or two about doing background screening right. USAFact’s pre-employment and post-employment screening services combine the latest Internet technologies with an experienced professional staff to deliver a proven resource to thousands of clients. Offering a variety of screening services and packages for businesses sized from global Fortune 100 companies, to small, not-for profits, and every size in between, USAFact provides services custom-tailored to our individual clients’ needs.

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Clients globally rely on USA Fact to provide standalone background screening services for their business.

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