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Background Checks

Fast & Accurate Background Checks For Your Business

  • Accurate & Detailed Reports
  • Credit reports, Tax Liens, Bankruptcy, Evictions
  • Easy-to-use Client Portal
  • County, State, National, and Federal criminal history
  • Social Security and I.D. Validation

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Waived Setup Fee ($220 Value).


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The USAFact screening platform harnesses over 40 years of USAFact’s proven pre-employment background screening and verification service experience and expands our reach for the specific format of loan origination screening that lending institutions need for due diligence in loan origination. LendFact™ provides a one-stop resource for criminal screening, verifications services, sanctions checks, credit checks, and more to meet all of your loan origination needs.

Customer Service

We partner you with a dedicated Client Care Manager. If you need anything, just ask. We are here to help.


Real-time reporting, customized reports and dashboard, 24/7 ordering capabilities and more.

Quality Assurance

Our award-winning customer service and fulfillment team ensure the fastest, most reliable reporting in the industry.

Detailed & Accurate Background Checks For Your Business

Background Checks

Background Checks

Detailed reports to help you make informed decisions.

Accurate Results

Accurate Results

National and local records, fully researched and reported quickly.

Array of Industries

Array of Industries

Financial, Staffing, Insurance, Medical, Food Service, Construction, Transportation and more.

Protect Your Business

Protect Your Business

Protect your company by assuring you have honest and trusted employees.

Why Partner with USAFact?

Background Screening Service

Background Screening Service

  • Background screening for lending institutions.
  • One-stop resource for criminal screening, verification services, sanctions, credit checks and more.
  • Utilizes a platform ties to the SSA to provide you Consent Based Social Security.
  • Worldwide foreign asset control checks, and custom financial application forms.

Why Choose LendFact?

Thorough reports with detailed information including:

  • Address History Locations
  • Civil & Criminal Record Searches
  • Tax Transcripts
  • Verification Services
  • Sanction Searches
  • Income Verification
  • Tax Liens

Why Choose LendFact?


USA Fact Inc.

Technology, and Quality Assurance

The platform is simple to use, and its web-based interface requires only your applicant’s name and email address in order to launch the process. All required documents, forms and authorizations are emailed directly to the applicant and most authorization forms can be signed electronically.