USAFact the Leader in Colorado Background Checks Donates $3,500 at Chanda Plan Foundation

Black Tie Event

USAFact, a leader in Colorado background check services, donated $3,500 at the Chanda Plan Foundation’s 9th Annual People to Know Black Tie Event. The foundation’s mission is to directly improve the quality of life for those who suffer from physical disabilities through a holistic approach using integrative therapies. Their location-based services include acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, cranial sacral, adaptive exercise and adaptive yoga therapies.

“This is an event very dear to our family’s heart as my wife has built a lifetime passion out of her career in physical therapy. It was great to spend an evening with friends and family at such an inspiring event,” said USAFact Chief Executive Officer Matthew Davidson who was in attendance. “It was a no-brainer for us to sponsor this type of event. It’s a great feeling to know that we can directly assist others in creating the life they’ve always desired through integrative therapies.”

The Chanda Plan Foundation began when founder Chanda Hinton’s life was saved through the use of integrative therapies. The holistic approach to physical therapy helped save her life and was the fuel that drove her to help others.

“It was inspirational and motivating hearing Chanda’s life story,” said Davidson. “It really opened my eyes to what is truly possible through the use of alternative therapies.”

Offering direct services to those suffering from acute to chronic physical disabilities, the foundation makes a significant impact in people’s lives. Through systemic change they propose to reform Medicaid to begin covering integrative medicines. Years of evaluations and research have shown that integrative therapies produce positive outcomes for participants and cost less than the average doctor’s visit.

“It’s great to feel like we’re part of something bigger, something that can really bring a positive change to the lives of all people suffering from physical disabilities in Colorado and the United States,” said Davidson.

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