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With New IDVerification Product

Riverside, CA based company, USAFact, has announced another new background screening product release within their RapidFACT ordering platform. IDVerification is the newest tool to be added to the new RapidFACT suite of employer solutions. USAFact’s various platforms are known for providing screening services for a variety employers, banking institutions, and property managers. The latest product addition helps satisfy requirements regarding the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Policies. This allows the company to electronically collect and retain Form I-9 documentation to better establish the identity of those being researched by clients.

With nearly 40 years of experience in employee screening, drug testing, tenant screening, and more, USAFact is recognized for their best-in-class service delivery. The new product is yet another method the company uses to keep themselves positioned at the top of their industry. The History of ID Validation has changed drastically over the last decade, with new technology presenting itself almost daily. IDVerification works by scanning identification cards or passports and uploading the collected data for meticulous identity verification, allowing employers to avoid taking on this requirement manually, themselves.  The product is marketed for use within the Human Resources field, and works well for recruiting agents and other professionals acting within the hiring process.  Senior Vice President of Business Operations, Cheryl Franklin, has said the following regarding their work with the hiring of new employees:

USAFact champions this method of ID Verification as a critical method that brings an end to blurry scanned or faxed images that may be shared in unprotected manners in violation of Homeland Security’s strict requirements for the sharing, exchange, and validation of personal identity information (P.I.I.).  The process also helps reduce tedious amounts of typing, while encouraging a higher volume of satisfied clients. USAFact has suggested that with so many businesses and individuals using mobile devices, limiting the need for keystrokes can greatly improve the hiring process. For this reason, workflow options within the IDVerification process allow for an advanced auto capture tool, capable of quickly and easily snapping a photo of each document required with sharp, clear results.

About USAFact, Inc.

USAFact is a leading provider for pre-employment background checks and background screenings for companies in the United States. Offering a variety of screening packages for businesses of all sizes, from small non-profit to Fortune 500, USAFact provides services custom-tailored to their individual needs.

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