USAFact Offers One of the Most Comprehensive Background Checks Available in the Industry

USAFact Background Checks Can Include State Level Records, Not Just County Level Records

GOLDEN, Colo. — March 12, 2014 — USAFact, a leading nationwide provider of pre-employment background screening services for more than 35 years, announced today that it offers the most comprehensive pre-employment screening background check available in the industry by extending its reports to include state level records in addition to county level records.

“We provide business owners and hiring managers with the peace of mind that they are getting one of the most comprehensive pre-employment background screening in the industry,” said USAFact Chief Executive Officer Matthew Davidson. “We definitely go beyond what many of our more of our larger and expensive competitors offer.”

The Department of Justice collects criminal records from counties in every state. This is the basis of most pre-employment background checks conducted across the country. What is sometimes missing is the state data which is available to private parties in 41 states and the District of Columbia. Nine states, primarily in the West, do not allow access to this information.

“We really recommend that hiring officers consider including a state background check in their pre-employment compliance process,” Davidson said. “However it should only be included as a supplement to the more reliable county background screening. Our team works to complete the most comprehensive pre-employment check that is in-line with our customer’s needs; compliance level and budget.”

USAFact conducts either a physical on-site or a direct online county criminal record search from the highest courthouse in each county. A county criminal record search consists of one name searched in one county. Each name and county thereafter, is considered a separate search.

The highest level of confidence for criminal checks and records research is achieved via a full investigation at the county and federal district courthouses conducted by court researchers in every county and district the applicant has lived in over the past seven years. USAFact also has the ability to do focused searches in the state repositories, prison records and a national criminal database. Because of our longevity and combined industry knowledge, USAFact criminal checks and background searches are one of the most comprehensive on the market.

“While there are a lof of great companies in the market. Be aware of instant results in some areas as this may be red flag to an incomplete search. This may put your business at risk,” Davidson said. “We trust you will make a smart hiring decision with our pre-employment screening services.”

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