Newly Updated Background Screening, eVerify, and I-9 Solutions

Offered through USAFact’s RapidFACT Platform

USAFact, a U.S. based background screening organization that provides background screening services to businesses, loan officers, and landlords, is proud to announce that they have overhauled and reintroduced specific background screening eVerify and I-9 solutions. The offering smartly satisfies the various U.S. Citizenship and Immigrant Services (USCIS) requirements in relation to creating, signing, collecting, and retaining any Form I-9, electronically. USAFact was started over 37 years ago and provides businesses with the most comprehensive employee screening services, allowing businesses to improve employee retention and increase productivity.

The new I-9 process allows businesses to work with Form I-9, as well as gain access to new management reports. The new workflow also offers tools to help reduce error and promote compliance. “Our system greatly improves the accuracy of Form I-9 completion,” says Matthew Davidson from USAFact. “Additionally, it comes with a full audit trail and has an annotation when any form is modified or updated. Thanks to alerts, critical and timely re-verifications can be made. Most importantly, it promotes compliance as legislation changes are made.”

USAFact’s RapidFACT platform offers an easy to use dashboard where customers can run management reports, including compliance reports. It also allows for both custom digital and paper forms to be easily requested and collected from candidates online with customizable email alerts and reminders. Furthermore, for both pre-employment screening and post-hire solutions, RapidFACT helps provide a complete audit trail, detects candidate duplicates, and allows users to make their own annotations and notes. As an optional extra, customers can choose an employee kiosk and e-Recruiting integration.

“USAFact’s E-Verify and I-9 dashboard provides centralized access to a Form I-9 and employment eligibility status report for increased control,” adds Matthew Davidson. “Forms and E-Verify reports may be viewed, printed, downloaded or emailed in seconds, directly from the RapidFACT dashboard.”

The new tool has a range of additional features as well, including Smart-Delete, on-demand management reporting, single or multiple Form I-9 uploads, email alerts, instant e-Verify check with late submission status comments, compliance tools, worksheets, electronic forms and signatures, e-Recruiting integration, an employee kiosk and a remote hiring manager.

The background screening information offered by USAFact is fully secured by an international research network of experienced professionals. All RapidFACT, USATenant, and VeriFACT (USAFact’s various screening divisions) clients use this information to make compliant decisions in terms of ensuring work environments, rental properties, and loan procedures are safe and risk-diminished.

“Lastly, our new solutions are much smarter, and greener, than ever before,” adds Matthew Davidson. “Clients are able to complete their entire screening workflow with zero paper consumption, while taking advantage of RapidFACT’s detailed tracking capabilities and WEB-based solutions.”

About USAFact, Inc.

USAFact is a leading provider for pre-employment background checks and screenings for companies in the United States. Offering a variety of screening packages for businesses of all sizes, from small non-profit to Fortune 500, USAFact provides services custom-tailored to their individual needs.

To learn more about USAFact visit their website at or call (800) 283-2463.