How to Take Advantage of COVID-19 and Find the Best Remote Talent in Your Industry


The rapid spread of coronavirus around the world has had a profound impact on economies, to say the least. Some businesses have even found themselves struggling to continue operations.

But despite all of the challenges that are coming with this pandemic, many companies are still able to operate, and still others have found ways to grow. In fact, these businesses who are able to thrive are doing so because they have taken advantage of new resources and opportunities available to them because of the pandemic rather than despite it.

For many companies, this means continuing to hire regardless of the fragile state of the economy. Because so many companies have been pushed to lay off workers and decrease their staff size, there is a growing talent pool ready and willing to go back to work right away. 

By appealing to the masses of people who have felt the unfortunate sting of losing their job in this desperate time, you can find top talent that otherwise would have been unavailable to you. Even if you are only currently hiring for remote positions, there are several ways to integrate highly skilled workers into your team to make your company’s future even brighter.

Here are some tips to find the best remote talent in your industry:

1. Make the Most of the Large Pool of Candidates in the Current Market

As we have established, some industries have been hit hard by coronavirus. Many companies have had to furlough their staff or let team members go. Some have even collapsed under the pressure of the situation. 

Many people are therefore in need of jobs, and you have a huge pool of talent to choose from. Some of the best candidates in the industry, who are usually secured in ongoing roles, have now become available for hire. 

2. Use Online Tools to Your Advantage While Hiring

Many companies have used online platforms to advertise job roles even before the pandemic required businesses to go remote. The majority of people looking for jobs are likely to be searching for positions on popular platforms such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, CareerBuilder, and more. 

This, however, rings more true than ever given the current circumstances. With no face-to-face networking going on and fewer word-of-mouth opportunities being spread, unemployed individuals are likely to check job boards and other online resources daily or even more frequently. Make sure to list open positions on several job boards, social media platforms, and your own website with complete job descriptions and contact details to apply. 

Online scheduling software can also help you book potential candidates remotely for interviews, and video call apps such as Zoom can be used to conduct these interviews. A huge benefit is that they allow more than two people to engage in a call, meaning relevant personnel can all join the call, see each other’s faces, and ask the candidate questions. There’s also AI software that can help you to monitor interviewees’ facial expressions and reactions, giving you a better gauge of their character.

3. Complete Background Checks Remotely

Background checks are just as important now as ever. In fact, seeing as many business’ profit margins are currently reduced, they’re even more important. After all, you don’t want to take on the wrong recruit and find that you have to complete the whole process again to replace them with someone who genuinely has the right experience and qualifications. 

Conduct online background checks on anyone you’re considering for a new role. These remote background checks can help guarantee your candidate has the right experience, qualifications, and background to fit in with your existing team.

While it’s true that we are living through uncertain and worrying times, that doesn’t mean that your business necessarily has to go into a stagnant state. Taking advantage of the current situation can help you find top talent in your industry and can be highly beneficial for business growth in the long run.