How an Employment History Background Check Solved a Decades-Old Murder

Background Check

In Florida, a background employment history check helped to solve a case that had baffled authorities for years. The fingerprints a Florida man submitted for a job application background check connected him to a decades-old murder of a woman stabbed and bludgeoned to death in a Delray Beach consignment shop, according to a WPLG report.

Per the report, a police spokesman said fingerprints and DNA evidence found at the crime scene linked 51-year-old Todd Barket of Brandon, Florida, to the killing of 68-year-old Sondra Better in Delray Beach in August of 1998. Barket lived in South Florida at the time of the murder.

The police spokeswoman said fingerprints and blood samples from the crime scene went into national databases, but there were no matches until Barket submitted his fingerprints for an employment background check in December of 2018.

Barket is currently being held without bond in jail. According to the Sun-Sentinel newspaper, he will face trial in Palm Beach County.

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