Overhauling Your Hiring Practices? Why You Should Include a Background Check

Background checks

With the recent pandemic prompting many companies to rethink the way they operate, the workforce has become more global than ever before. Companies that have shifted to remote or hybrid operations now recognize the value of recruiting in the global market. You can often find higher-quality candidates that can increase efficiency and productivity. However, it’s a bit tougher to vet applicants when you do not meet them in person. This is one reason why conducting background checks is becoming part of the standard hiring process for many reasons.

But in addition to making remote or digital hiring more practical, there are many other benefits to completing background checks before hiring. Some of the biggest advantages for employers include:

  • Cost Savings: Conducting a background check comes with a cost, which has been why some companies have opted out of background checks. Whether you hire a third party or devote internal resources, it comes with a price tag. But rather than looking at the expense, it often helps you make decisions that can save you money over the long run. The average cost per hire is slightly more than $4,000, meaning that you invest in their anticipated work every time you hire someone. However, any hiring manager knows that not all investments are wise. Some have a greater payoff than others. Background checks can provide the information necessary to ensure you are hiring smartly and picking candidates with proven credentials and experience.
  • Increased Safety: A big part of background screening is the criminal background check, which will often alert employers to any violent or criminal history. Avoiding these candidates whom you may otherwise hire can help your business avoid a potential safety violation. It will protect your employees and ensure they work in a safe environment, which is of the utmost importance to many business owners and managers.
  • Reduced Risk: In addition to potentially jeopardizing the safety of your team, hiring someone with a violent criminal past could lead to legal troubles, especially if the individual does have an incident with another team member. The injured party could seek financial compensation, and if they can demonstrate that you didn’t use due diligence in hiring qualified individuals, the courts may side with them. Unfortunately, one big lawsuit of this nature could be enough to shut down your business forever. In addition to risks related to safety, individuals with other types of criminal convictions may also pose a risk to your company. For instance, without doing a background check, you could potentially hire someone who was found embezzling at their previous position. If you are unaware of the conviction, you could put your company at risk of the same fate.
  • Ensuring You Get What You Expect: The criminal background check is one major component of an overall background check. But these checks also verify that the applicant has the experience and qualifications they report on their application and resume. And with repeated studies showing that the vast majority of resumes include lies, omissions, or exaggerations, verifying this information is important. When you invest in a new hire, it’s always a gamble. But a background check can tip the odds in your favor.
  • Reduce Turnover: Background checks can often reveal more about an applicant’s personality than you would see. In many instances, this information can give you an idea of how they may fit in with your organization’s existing culture. And finding a culture that fits can often be a predictor of long-term job satisfaction and willingness to stay with a company. In sum, it can reduce your turnover rate, which is one of the best ways to save money and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Better Reputation: Companies that have consistently conducted background checks over the years often end up hiring the best possible candidates. As time passes, you may see the quality of your staff increase correspondingly. And as this becomes known in your field, market, or industry, you may find that you can attract better quality employees because others know that you already only hire the best. That trait is often one of the biggest correlations with companies with stellar reputations.

Background checks haven’t always been a key part of the hiring process. However, in today’s highly digital and fast-paced environment, they are becoming a key strategy for identifying the best applicants and providing employers with all the benefits listed above. To learn more about background check services, contact USA Fact today.

USA Fact Global Screening Services provides comprehensive background and criminal checks for employers that comply with federal and local laws. By helping you eliminate high-risk applicants through tailored solutions, USAFact enables you to create a safe and productive work environment and a foundation for future success.