How to Lower the Cost and Time of a Background Check

background check

As an employer, it is imperative to perform background checks to ensure that your employees meet the requirements or qualifications you’ve set. Background checks ensure you can properly vet your staff as well as maintain a safe and functional work environment.

Unfortunately, the cost and time of a background check can be excessive, which sometimes leads people to conduct their own research online rather than use the services of a professional background screening business. This can be an issue because the results found online aren’t always complete or accurate and can lead you to make uninformed decisions about others. Many of the most readily available sites are not able to be used for pre-employment verifications. 

Rather than give up on professional background screenings because of the cost or time associated, take a look at our three tips on how you can reduce the time and cost of background checks without negatively impacting the results: 

Go Paperless

Ditching paper applications and instead using an online screening platform or applicant tracking system is one of the biggest ways you can cut cost and time. By getting rid of paper applications, you reduce data entry errors and move information more quickly to the intended parties. 

Through automation, applicants can enter their information directly into a digital application and let the system do the rest. Automation also saves time by marking required fields to be completed on the application before they can submit it, as well include compliance forms to make sure all legal regulations are met. 

Only Run Background Checks that Are Necessary

Another big waste of time and money can be performing background screenings that really aren’t to your benefit. Requesting more background check services than strictly needed can result in slower turnaround times and spike your costs unnecessarily.

As an employer, start with a standard background check, such as a criminal background search and an identity check, for each applicant. This will eliminate unnecessary background checks while still allowing you to use background check information to make early hiring decisions. And you can always add unique services for special jobs such as MVR checks for drivers or sales staff. 

Work with a Trustworthy Screening Company

Trying to conduct background screenings yourself is never a good idea; after all, relying on incomplete or potentially false information could cost your more money and time in the long run. By working with a trustworthy screening company such as USAFact, you can reduce your overall cost and time for background checks by relying on the following benefits:

  • Transparent fees and volume discounts: When you partner with a reliable screening company, you can expect transparent fees that don’t come with any hidden conditions or strings attached. A good background screening partner can also reduce your expenses by providing bundled services or high volume discounts when you need to order several background checks.
  • Excellent customer service: You don’t have to worry about spending excessive amounts of time overcommunicating your needs or waiting for long turnaround times when your screening company has excellent customer service.
  • FCRA compliance and  PBSA accreditation– FCRA-compliant staff understand compliance regulations and will help ensure you don’t fall victim to compliance pitfalls. Additionally, companies who have accreditation from the PBSA (Professional Background Screening Association) have undergone a rigorous audit to ensure all screenings are performed compliantly, saving you time and money associated with low-quality or non-compliant screenings.

There are numerous ways you can save time and money on background screenings to make sure you get the accurate results you need about your applicants. For more information regarding our affordable background checks, request a quote from USAFact today.