AI and Background Check Services

Background checks

When discussing background checks, most people associate them with a diligent process of making phone calls and reviewing files manually. However, these background checks occur faster than ever before with Artificial Intelligence integration and with little manual work. And this type of integration can benefit the shipping industry by ensuring that drivers and other workers can be hired quickly.

What AI Applications Can Offer

While AI applications are growing in nearly all industries, they are especially prevalent in shipping. This sector has relied on AI to enhance a variety of functions such as:

  • Data-Driven Decisions: Advanced analytics from AI applications are often used to glean valuable insights related to logistics and other aspects of the business. These insights ensure that leaders make the best possible business decisions.
  • Automated Equipment: AI is the backbone of automation, which is crucial in the shipping industry. These applications can analyze historical data related to weather patterns and the volume of shipped items. Using this analysis, the automated processes can adjust accordingly for maximum efficiency.
  • Improved Safety/Security: AI applications can reduce accidents and detect threats.
  • Building Better Routes: AI can often help drivers optimize their routes to enhance efficiency. Modern applications account for construction, weather, and fuel consumption needs.

How AI Can Help Your Background Checks

As you can see, AI enjoys widespread use in the shipping industry, so, naturally, it can enhance the background check process.Using AI for part of the background check process provides many benefits, including:

  • Reducing the time needed to complete the check. The hiring process can take weeks – or even months – for certain companies while they collect the information, review all of the files, identify red flags, and make a decision related to the information revealed in the process. AI automates most of this process, leaving only the essential decisions to humans. As a result, the process is far more rapid, reducing the time to hire. And in today’s job market, which is marked by an abundance of job openings, this can increase efficiency and ensure you have the workers you need. After all, most workers want to start as soon as they can, too.
  • Information becomes easier to understand. Conducting a background check is difficult, and often, it is hard to distinguish important items from unimportant ones. With AI, you can set parameters that ensure the data summary you receive only includes the information you have deemed relevant.
  • It’s easier to conduct ongoing background checks. In addition to background checks at the time of hire, many employers opt to conduct periodic follow-up background checks to ensure that nothing has changed in the employee’s record. These periodic checks can occur with very little effort when the process is automated. And in industries or states that require periodic checking of certain aspects of an employee’s background (such as their driving record), these checks can occur on a pre-set timeline to ensure compliance.
  • Employers are often plagued with accusations of hiring bias, whether it is true or not. They support a uniform vetting and hiring process. Using AI to automate the background check process removes the element of human bias since AI applications will analyze the data objectively. This process can shut down many accusations of bias before they have grown to become a legal threat.
  • There are additional privacy protections for potential candidates. With automated background checks, the employer often only sees the relevant details related to the position rather than receiving a huge file with tons of information about every aspect of the candidate’s life. In this sense, the applicants can enjoy a greater sense of privacy.

What Automated Background Checks Offer

While some companies fear that they will miss important information with an automated background check, this fear is not justified. In fact, automated background checks often lead to improved outcomes, including:

  • Better analysis of connections and patterns between data elements.
  • An increased understanding of various risks as AI can also apply regulatory and legal considerations to the job candidate.
  • The ability to focus on the right data points to make great employment decisions.
  • Increased speed reduces the time to hire, which benefits both the employer and the employee.
  • The ability to leverage global data sources, which are traditionally hard to access.
  • A detailed risk analysis and score ensures hiring managers make the best possible hiring decisions.

These benefits provide a compelling case for automating this process. But if you are unsure where to start with automating your shipping company’s background check services, you are not alone. Fortunately, experienced background check companies understand how to leverage these technologies to speed up these checks. To learn more about how AI can help speed up the background check process for your shipping company, contact USA Fact today!

USA Fact Global Screening Services provides comprehensive background and criminal checks for employers that comply with federal and local laws. By helping you eliminate high-risk applicants through tailored solutions, USAFact enables you to create a safe and productive work environment and a foundation for future success.